Medical Therapy Management

Medical Therapy Management as Part of Pharmacy Careers

by Sheryl on August 22, 2013

Lately, Medical Therapy Management has become a promising opportunity for various people involved in the field of medicine. Pharmacy specialists play a huge role in the proper care of patients and in other parts of the medical industry. Local and in-hospital pharmacists make certain that patients receive the correct medications. Additionally they advise affected individuals regarding medications, which include how to take them, what side effects might happen, and provide information about drug relationships. They are a significant resource for healthcare information in medical centers, clinics, local community pharmacies, and several other settings.

MTMOne main benefit of having a physician pharmacy degree (PharmD) is the number of options that are offered. When most people consider the pharmacy occupation they think of the common hospital, community, or clinical pharmacist. Even though community and hospital drug stores are the leading employers, pharmacy job opportunities or careers which require a pharmacist’s expertise can be found in other areas of health care or industries.

The drug industry is a very good example. Pharmaceutical companies have numerous jobs which are a close complement to PharmD training. Some basic level jobs are offered just after graduation but some jobs call for a fellowship/residency, practical experience, and other qualifications. Other non-traditional pharmacy careers include pharmacy specialist, nuclear pharmacy, regulation jobs at the FDA, and universities. Lately, a whole new type of pharmacy job known as medication therapy management (MTM) pharmacist or personalized pharmacist has appeared and is expanding. MTM pharmacists offer face-to-face extensive medication appointment and bill for their products and services outside of drug dispensing. Most professionals believe that this can be the future of the pharmacy industry.

Along with the diversity of possibilities, pharmacy technicians also enjoy high starting salaries in comparison with most health careers. In accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 Handbook the average salary for pharmacy technicians was $111,000 in 2010. Top earners gained over $138,000 each year. Pharmacists are among the highest paid experts in the medical industry. With the introduction of Medical Therapy Management, a lot more can be done. Aside from optimizing medication for the patients, professionals can enjoy lucrative positions that will motivate them to perform at their best.

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